When purchasing from this shop, you are agreeing to the policies below.



  • Unfortunately, because of how unique and specific each item is to each buyer, I do not do refunds, exchanges (solo items) , or redo's for style bundles under any circumstances.
  • After shipping out your items, I am not in control or responsible if anything is lost or stolen.


  • All prices are non-negotiable. 


  • All clothing items are washed/dried before being shipped out.
  • Mostly everything, if not all items that are sold on my website (both solo items & stylings) are secondhand and preloved. I never withhold information about clothing items that may have minor wears, though in some cases I may miss a flaw considering I am human. 


  • The items just don't appear in thin air silly, I thrift for 4-5+ hours at a time, sourcing each solo item & personally shopping for each styling. 
  • The shopping is only part of the process, the cost includes washing each item, photographing bundles, designing items, the packaging process, along with service, shipping, and handling fee's.


  • If there are any issues at all that might deal with an issue that could be my fault, the best way to contact me is through my email, which is listed on the CONTACT page, or:
  • Please do this the day of delivery, after 48 hours of receiving the item, I am no longer able to help with any issues that have arised. (EX: If you bought a styling from me & you noticed a stain on a clothing item that I may have missed, If you email me with photos of my mistake the day that you receive it, I would be more than happy to help and fix the issue to better your experience with my shop, but if you don’t tell me about the issues until months after receiving the product, I am not eligible to help solve the issue any longer, as a thrift shop is a fast paced shop and I would have been occupied styling other baddies all around the world! :) ) 


QUESTION: Why should I let you shop for me when I can go out and do it myself?

ANSWERYou definitely could, but a Freckledlaur styling isn't just clothing items, it is an experience as a whole. Each styling is curated to the buyer and personalized as much as possible. With each style bundle, you receive the clothing items/accessories that you ordered, along with possible personalized goodies, stickers, polaroids showing how i would style each item, and a few mini goodies as a way to say thank you, too! My stylings are different from others in the way that i personalize each bundle and spend an enormous time styling each buyer!


QUESTION: Aren’t you stealing from those who need the clothing items more/ isn’t reselling thrifted clothing very bad to do? 

ANSWER: Only 20% of clothing items that thrift shops get are actually being sold, so where do we think the rest goes? Places including, but not limited to: landfills, dumpsters, and anywhere where they shouldn’t be. By shopping secondhand, you are preventing toxic waste and reducing the number of items that will end up in the places listed above. By reselling preloved clothing items, I am also helping clothing items find a new home and a second chance at life. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, there were 16 MILLION tons of textile waste produced in 2015, and 85% went into landfills. Along with that, the Huffington Post stated that 81 pounds of clothing are thrown out each year, and that number is continuing to rise. So, I do not believe my small business is endangering or causing harm to others. 


QUESTION: Do you ship internationally/ outside of the US?

ANSWER: I am trying to! Depending on what you order, the pricing could be all over the place, lowest being $20 for solo items, and $100+ for my biggest styling package!


QUESTION: About how long does the shipping process take? 

ANSWER: If ordering a solo item, it could take 1-3 days for me to package only because I am also juggling being a college student. If ordering a styling from me, the whole process can take 1-2 weeks for my smaller bundles, and about a month for my bigger bundles, just so I can spend as much time as i possibly can on each bundle! 


QUESTION: Do you only create stylings for specific sizes/genders/aesthetics?

ANSWER: Absolutely not! Fashion is all about the expression of clothing, and being able to feel confident in what you’re wearing! If i wouldn’t want to be excluded for my style/what the tag says on my clothing, why should i do it to others? I should also direct you to watch THIS video on my YouTube channel ( though it only gives an idea of a few aesthetics, also including male stylings!), along with others that better show how my stylings work! :) I am open to all shapes, all sizes, all ethnicities, all aesthetics; i want to help people all around the world feel more confident in their own skin with these bundles!


QUESTION: Since these are preloved goodies, am I going to receive them dirty?

ANSWER: Definitely not! After I thrift each item, I wash them and make sure they’re clean before packaging!


QUESTION: What if I don’t have a defined aesthetic/style?

ANSWER: That’s perfectly okay! And to be honest, I don’t either!! I love to dress however I am feeling and just use it as a way of expression without being categorized! Don’t feel pressured to have a defined aesthetic because fashion is just being able to feel confident in what you’re wearing! After purchasing your bundle and while taking the style quiz, as long as you provide me with a link to your Pinterest board to help me get a feel of how you like to dress, that’s perfect!