personal stylings

personal stylings

hey what’s up, hello! listed here are all sorts of bundle options... 

IF you answer yes to any of these... you need to purchase a style bundle ASAP:

In need of discovering your personal style

Social media has been shoving micro-fashion trends down consumer's throats, making them think that if they don't get this vivid patterned top or crazy colored jeans, they aren't on trend and therefore are not "fashionable". I know from experience that I have had plenty of issues trying to figure out the clothing style that I personally feel confident in, and since I have, I really love to help others come to that same conclusion!

want to fill your closet with sustainable, secondhand clothing pieces

This being a concious personal preference, most people would rather buy brand new items that are new and fresh to the world, though there is nothing wrong with creating your dream wardrobe in a sustainable way!

looking to be able to express yourself through clothing

Clothing isn't just putting on a pair of shorts and a t-shirt and calling it a day for most. If you are reading this, you want to make a statement with your clothing, you are eager to express yourself through your fashion sense, and I am here to help!

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    “I found the shop on tik tok, and thought it was so cool!  Like everyone else, I was prepping for a hot girl summer, and I saw the hot girl summer pack after going to the website, and thought, it’s a sign.  Lauren was so accommodating when it came to sizing, and was so sweet in all of the emails.  My package came and was wrapped so nicely with a note and card that made me smile.  The two pieces I received were perfect for the vibe I was going for, they fit right, they’re cute, and they push me a little bit out of my comfort zone, which was what I wanted! 5/5 stars”


    “I am living my BEST LIFE!!!! she’s s sweet with a handwritten note and i feel so pretty in my outfit🥺 so good!!!”


    “I love this business!!! the clothes vary in size really well and really good prices! I'm wearing all the wonderful clothes all the time and they're really good quality! the stickers and fun packaging make it so much better <3“

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