5 trendy closet staples!

hey what’s up hello! I hope you are doing well! I am here to express some of my closet staples recently! In case you aren’t familiar with the term “closet staples”, that is just referring to a few basic pieces that can be worn many different ways, and are always amazing to have handy!

1) White or Black Corset Top!

       Corset tops have been extremely trendy and an amazing blast from the past! I love that trends from the 90’s & 2000’s are starting to come back!! Anyways, these style tops are a step up from a basic t-shirt or tank top, making you look more professional and put together!


2) Hair scarf’s!

       There are so many different types of hair scarfs that have been created recently and i LOVE this trend! They can be styled in so many ways, both in your hair, and as a top (i’m serious!!) ! 


3) Denim Jacket’s

       Any color denim would be perfect to have in your closet at all times! This is an easy way to spice up any outfit, turning a boring outfit into a more put together look!


4) White Air Force Ones (or any white pair of shoes!)

       Air Force Ones are extremely versatile and surprisingly very comfortable! There are so many shops that customize them for you, or you could even customize them yourself with paint, patches, beads, etc! Having a white pair of tennis shoes is extremely helpful with any outfit actually!


5) High Waisted Pair Of Medium Wash Mom Jeans 

       Mom jeans have been EXTREMELY trendy recently and I for one have hopped on this trend so quick! The high waisted look is perfect for wearing cropped tops or the scarves I expressed earlier at a top! Mom Jeans are also fun because you can experiment with them. I mean, you can experiment with any clothing items, but it has been more fun recently do to it on high waisted mom jeans!! They can be customized with bleach, paint, patches, or even distressing them! I also have been loving the medium wash recently because it seems to bring such bright, summer vibes! 


If you made it this far, thank you so much & i hope you enjoyed these tips/ information!